The Jasper County COAD (Community Organizations Active in Disaster) is a nonprofit comprised of organizations dedicated to planning for, responding to, and recovering from disasters. The Jasper County COAD was formed in 2003 after Carl Junction experienced a significant tornado. Since that time, the COAD has planned for and responded to many disasters including the 2011 Joplin tornado. After the 2011 tornado, the COAD stood up the Joplin Area Long Term Recovery Committee (LTRC) to assist with unmet tornado-related community needs. From our experiences, we have gathered countless best practices as well as some lessons learned that we want to share with other communities facing disasters. Our hope is that other communities can learn from our experiences to improve their recovery efforts. Through this website, we hope to provide communities with information that will aid in planning, responding, and recovery. We learned from other communities, we developed some new practices, and we made a lot of mistakes along the way. In the end, we believe our community is thriving today. While the tornado was a horrible experience to go through, we took the experience as an opportunity to not only recover but to be better than ever.

We adopted the mantra of the National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) that encourages communities to Cooperate, Coordinate, Collaborate, and Communicate.  We added a fifth "C": Celebrate! Use our experiences, develop new tools, and remember that while disasters start and end locally, it is great to borrow ideas from communities that have been there!

The Jasper County COAD meets the first Thursday in March, June, September, and December (quarterly) in the Fire Department Conference Room of the Joplin Justice Center, 303 East 3rd Street, Joplin.



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