Volunteer Coordination

Thank You Volunteers PhotoA key component to any successful disaster recovery is volunteer coordination. Early on, our community struggled with how to best connect the thousands of volunteers that flooded our community with the thousands of needs that were determined. After much work, our LTRC’s Volunteer Committee working with AmeriCorps St. Louis, Rebuild Joplin, and the City of Joplin developed effective tools to coordinate volunteers.

When working with volunteers, there are several layers of needs that you must consider. Not only do you need to pair volunteers up with meaningful work, but you also must ensure that the volunteers have the skill-set that the job requires, that the volunteers have the tools and direction they need to get the job done correctly, and that you consider their needs outside their volunteer work. Not all volunteers have funds to pay for a hotel while they visit and even if they did, the hotels may not be available depending on your community and the level of disaster.

Group of 4 Amish Construction VolunteersIn addition to everything else, you must make sure that you track your volunteer hours to show the financial impact that the volunteers played in your community. This page provides best practices with regards to volunteer management as well as tools to use in your own community. Check back for more resources as this page is still under construction.

Fact Sheet for the AmeriCorps Response to the Joplin Tornado

Rebuild Joplin’s Volunteer Coordination Page, including trip planning materials, volunteer tasks, and volunteer schedule

AmeriCorps STL Volunteer Management


Joplin Volunteer Coordination Documents

Volunteer Sign In and Sign Out Form

Volunteer Housing Network Site QuestionnaireVolunteers Building

Volunteer Housing Memorandum of Understanding

Volunteer Hosting Network Guidance Volunteer Hosting Network Guidance Continued

Joplin Volunteer Housing Network Site Overview with Capacity

Tracking Volunteer Hours

Joplin LTRC Volunteer Liability Waiver

Community Asset Survey for Tracking Volunteer Impact

Joplin Volunteer Intake Form